Those Moments When Deaf People Knew Better

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Deaf People solve water damage restoration

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Sometimes all I do is whine with life’s little inconveniences. But knowing someone with a hearing disability and watching him how he tackles his day-to-day life make me appreciate more of the simple things.  I share a flat with Jon. He is a deaf person whose disposition and work ethics make me think that he is just like any ordinary abled person. I have to learn the sign language so we can converse well everyday. He is a freelance graphics designer who has talents and wits. I consider him as someone I look up to in terms of self-discipline. We live in the same place in Atlanta but we do things so differently.

Every morning, I am awakened by the sound of my alarm clock on my bedside table and I have the habit of snoozing it twice before I would finally get up from bed. Jon on the other hand doesn’t use an alarm clock. He has his gadget placed under his pillow which vibrates every 6:00 in the morning. Ignoring an alarm and rolling back to sleep is not his thing. He religiously follows his daily schedule.

While sitting on a couch with a disheveled hair and a big cup of coffee on my hand, I curse in front of the TV for the worthless news about CCTV caught robbery crimes. Jon prefers to read the newspaper while enjoying his coffee and bagel. Sometimes, he’s checking emails on his tablet or reading weather updates online.

TDD Device

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I often go to work late because I have the tendency to lose track of time. Either I would oversleep or spend too much time in the bathroom. Jon, as freelance graphics artist works at home. He goes out only if he meets a client. If he’s intently doing design projects, he does it at home. He uses a telecommunications device for the deaf to communicate with his clients.  A TDD device enables a text communication sent to an operator. An operator then relays the words from Jon to a client who uses a normal telephone. It’s a nice technology well-deserved by a person like Jon.

There was an unexpected incident that happened in our unit last month. There was a big water leak coming from the upper unit. I was in a panic episode while trying to save the important things in our flat like computers and paper works. After the necessary negotiations with the landowner and immediate actions were done, Jon was the one who called for a water damage restoration company to clean our messed-up place. I suggested that we could do the cleaning ourselves to save money. But Jon knew better. The place needed professional cleaning from the restoration services to ensure that molds won’t be building up in our flat. He knew better because he loves reading. He enjoys every bit of information from the internet through his tablet and he happens to like one particular website called MyWebPal.

For all things funny and cool, the owner of the site is also named Jon and despite the fact that they do not know each other, somehow, they have the same personality – helpful, thorough, wise and talented. Well, at least that’s how I imagine the Jon of MyWebPal is, considering how he has amazingly put together a site that contains important information relevant to local people in Atlanta and nearby cities.

Water Leak From Ceiling

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His website contains water damage tips and techniques, as well as other important information that victims of said home disaster should be aware of, so that they would know the best way to deal with any water removal and repair situation.

Living close to Jon’s life makes me think twice before I whine about how hard life can be. He will never know how he made a positive difference in my life.