Introducing a Plumber in Oxford To My Blind Friend Lena

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A Plumber in Oxford and I Ended Up Helping a Blind Friend Named Lena

I had an interesting Saturday after a grueling week. I took an early morning run at the trail near my home in Anniston, escaping into the woods to enjoy the fresh air. It’s a way to clear my mind. When I got home, I revisited my stacks of books and planned to read something for the day. Reading is something I got used to when I was student in college. Literature students breathe on books.

When I saw from the stack Helen Keller’s “A Story of My Life”, it reminded me of a good friend Lena who is blind. I took the book and changed my plan of staying at home. I decided to run off for a coffee with Lena and gave to her the book. She got someone to read books for her. I thought she might be inspired with its content. To give you a little background about the author Helen Keller, she was a deafblind person who became a prolific writer. She was an outspoken woman who campaigned for different causes like labor rights and women’s suffrage. Her story changed the old conceptions about people with disabilities. Her life has become an inspiration to everyone.

I stayed with Lena’s company at the café a little bit longer on that Saturday afternoon. She was thankful for the book and promised to spend time on it. If there’s one person I enjoy talking with, it would be her. She is a bubbly lady who gets around just fine. She does her own makeup and sometimes shops alone. Learning new things is what fulfills her. She wants to live an independent life. But that afternoon, she asked me to accompany her to the grocery store. I checked the shopping list on her phone. There were food ingredients, dairy products, fruits, household needs and some plumbing supply on the list. I had to tell her that she needed to go to a hardware store in a familiar Oxford location for the last item on her list. I also gave her the advice that if she needs a little plumbing work done, she should not hassle herself with it and just call a plumber in Oxford that I happen to know. She gladly took the offer and so I gave her the number. He just lives in Oxford so surely he can be quickly available to fix whatever plumbing problem Lena has.

I spent the rest of the day sharing the adventure of shopping with my friend. Grocery shopping for people who are blind can be a huge challenge. I was glad that day for helping someone made shopping easier. I was tasked to ensure that all items that she desired to purchase are bought. I helped her carry some of her grocery luggage and then drove her home. I was beneficial for her. And I was happy about it.

But at the end of the day, I realized the experience with her was a lot beneficial for me. It got me into a sense of feeling that I served a purpose for that day. I think it boosted a feel-good part in my brain. I was supposed to bum the whole day at home with a book. But I was called to share my time to someone who gave me the chance for small generosity. I’ve learned that being nice to someone does something positive to us. It was indeed a satisfying weekend.