Helen Keller’s Tuscumbia Home and Other Beautiful Homes in Alabama

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Helen Keller and Her Alabama Home. Find out how you can have a home close to her via a Real Estate Agent in Anniston

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Helen Keller was born in a small town in Alabama on June 27, 1880. She was a healthy baby girl until she was infected with a disease thought to be meningitis or scarlet fever. She recovered from the illness, but it has a devastating effect on her health. She became blind and deaf. The disability of Keller did not stop her from reaching her goals in life. As a matter of fact, she became one of the most influential people in the world.

She has written a number of essays and books such as “The Story of my Life,” “The World I Live In,” “Out of the Dark,” and essays on various topics on socialism. The life of Helen Keller was featured in Hollywood in 1919 entitled “Deliverance.” A documentary film on the life of Keller entitled “The Unconquered” was released in 1953. Aside from her influential books and essays, Helen also became a member of the Socialist Party of Massachusetts. Her advocacy is to improve the life of deaf and blind people. She actively takes parts in various fundraising activities for the American Foundation for the Blind.

In October 1961, Helen suffered her first series of stroke. Her campaign and literary work stopped. She spent her remaining years in Easton, Connecticut. She died in her sleep on June 1, 1968. The death of Keller has brought sadness to many, especially to people who always believed in her. Although her passing was untimely, still her memories live on. Her advocacy to help people with disability continues.

Helen Keller’s house in Alabama was transformed into a museum. Today’s generation may not be able to see her in flesh, but a simple visit in her house says a lot about the accomplishments of Helen. It is one of the many reasons why some people are interested to own a property in Alabama. The museum is in Tuscumbia but it is not the only place in Alabama that is worth investing into. In fact, if you talk to a real estate agent in Anniston especially from one of The Joey Crews Team, they will surely showcase the house of Helen Keller as one of the tourist attractions in the city.

Alabama is a beautiful state and Anniston is a quaint city. Hence, investing a property in the city is one of the best decisions you can ever make. If you are planning to buy a house in Anniston, it is important to contact a real estate agent for you to find out the best properties that perfectly fit your lifestyle and budget.

Below is a video about a young woman who found inspiration in Helen Keller, even after decades of Keller’s death. Watch it and know that it’s okay to shed a few man tears to her story.

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Those Moments When Deaf People Knew Better

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Deaf People solve water damage restoration

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Sometimes all I do is whine with life’s little inconveniences. But knowing someone with a hearing disability and watching him how he tackles his day-to-day life make me appreciate more of the simple things.  I share a flat with Jon. He is a deaf person whose disposition and work ethics make me think that he is just like any ordinary abled person. I have to learn the sign language so we can converse well everyday. He is a freelance graphics designer who has talents and wits. I consider him as someone I look up to in terms of self-discipline. We live in the same place in Atlanta but we do things so differently.

Every morning, I am awakened by the sound of my alarm clock on my bedside table and I have the habit of snoozing it twice before I would finally get up from bed. Jon on the other hand doesn’t use an alarm clock. He has his gadget placed under his pillow which vibrates every 6:00 in the morning. Ignoring an alarm and rolling back to sleep is not his thing. He religiously follows his daily schedule.

While sitting on a couch with a disheveled hair and a big cup of coffee on my hand, I curse in front of the TV for the worthless news about CCTV caught robbery crimes. Jon prefers to read the newspaper while enjoying his coffee and bagel. Sometimes, he’s checking emails on his tablet or reading weather updates online.

TDD Device

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I often go to work late because I have the tendency to lose track of time. Either I would oversleep or spend too much time in the bathroom. Jon, as freelance graphics artist works at home. He goes out only if he meets a client. If he’s intently doing design projects, he does it at home. He uses a telecommunications device for the deaf to communicate with his clients.  A TDD device enables a text communication sent to an operator. An operator then relays the words from Jon to a client who uses a normal telephone. It’s a nice technology well-deserved by a person like Jon.

There was an unexpected incident that happened in our unit last month. There was a big water leak coming from the upper unit. I was in a panic episode while trying to save the important things in our flat like computers and paper works. After the necessary negotiations with the landowner and immediate actions were done, Jon was the one who called for a water damage restoration company to clean our messed-up place. I suggested that we could do the cleaning ourselves to save money. But Jon knew better. The place needed professional cleaning from the restoration services to ensure that molds won’t be building up in our flat. He knew better because he loves reading. He enjoys every bit of information from the internet through his tablet and he happens to like one particular website called MyWebPal.

For all things funny and cool, the owner of the site is also named Jon and despite the fact that they do not know each other, somehow, they have the same personality – helpful, thorough, wise and talented. Well, at least that’s how I imagine the Jon of MyWebPal is, considering how he has amazingly put together a site that contains important information relevant to local people in Atlanta and nearby cities.

Water Leak From Ceiling

Image Credit: gullfshoreinsurance.com

His website contains water damage tips and techniques, as well as other important information that victims of said home disaster should be aware of, so that they would know the best way to deal with any water removal and repair situation.

Living close to Jon’s life makes me think twice before I whine about how hard life can be. He will never know how he made a positive difference in my life.

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What It Feels To Live In Apartments In Anniston

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Living In Apartments In Anniston

Apartments in Anniston are simply great

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If you came across my About Page, then you can read that the entire reason I started this blog is because I want to share my experiences, as someone living near Helen Keller’s birth place.

While we do have a house there, I sometimes have to go to nearby towns because of work, thus, I also had to check apartments in two different areas, one of which are apartments in Anniston.

I am easily pleased by any apartment. As long as it is in a good neighborhood and it is made of great quality. No drips, no plumbing problems, nothing that can waste my time. That is why I searched hard for the perfect apartment to stay in.

I first called and checked Shadowood Apartments [(256) 831-6200] but they were too pricey for my budget. I only need a place to stay when I travel for work, so I don’t them to be too costly. Luckily I found ALB LLC and everything is history.

One thing I like putting up in my apartments are carpets. May these cozy and warm rags be woven, knotted, tufted or embroidered, carpets are always a wonderful addition to one’s house, welcoming to the feet of the people who walk through it. Carpets are not cheap, hence, people make double efforts to choose the perfect carpet that fits the interior decoration of the house or the office. However, beyond choosing the carpet, another difficult task that carpets bring is its cleaning, because despite their coziness, they are great absorbers of dirt and dust.

Cleaning carpets take into consideration the type of the carpet, the reasons for cleaning it, and the risk of cleaning it. But I still like them because they are very comfortable to step on.

All my apartments have carpets and I regularly clean them every time I come to stay at a particular place.

Living life on the fast lane is exciting, but its not always easy and comfortable. That is why simple things like a good place to stay and carpets and what-have-you, are enough stress relievers to get someone by, like me.

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Being Deaf in Today’s World

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Image Credit: usacanadaregion.org

Image Credit: usacanadaregion.org

May it be their fate from the time they were born or a result of a tragic accident, the deaf are among the many people who unfortunately have to double their efforts just so they can live in par with other people fortunate enough to hear the music and noise of life and nature. Thankfully, they are not forgotten in the world’s constant goal of advancement and better living. Before, they were called handicapped, or people with disabilities. These terms branded them incapable of doing what normal people can, like jump, swim, talk, hear, and speak. The people in the deaf community have also been living in this notion for a long time before people of influence and sympathy used what the world has to offer today, to also give a better life for these special people. Now, however, they are able to compensate for their loss of hearing through different technologies.  They are no longer handicapped; they are just specially-abled people.

Technology has given even the deaf the chance to enjoy the music of the world via hearing aids, and other sensory gadgets that function and allow communication even for those without or of minimal hearing. This includes cellular phones, computers, tablets, and other modern gadgets of today. Because these things make use of the sense of sight, these communication devices fill the gap that hearing problems caused them.

Image Credit: ubergizmo.com

Image Credit: ubergizmo.com

While telecommunication for the deaf has greatly improved and has provided the lives of many deaf people a wonderful opportunity, other aspects of a normal person’s life should also be enjoyed by the deaf community. This includes having a healthy lifestyle, living a nutritious life and maintaining a fit and beautiful body. For specially-abled people such as those with hearing problems, treating the body with care is very important. It is physically and emotionally stressful to not be able to hear. That is why it is important that other ailments of the body should be avoided. Low self-esteem due to hearing problems can also be lessened if a person has sense of worth for his or her own body.

This kind of privilege was not experienced by those who lived in the past generations. Helen Keller was one woman who lived in that era, yet managed to come out strong and bold and successful. She accomplished a lot of things, and she overcame her blindness and deafness, not by finding a cure for it, but by embracing it and not making it a reason to not achieve her dreams.

She should serve as an inspiration to all of those specially-disabled during this era, where technology is at everyone’s disposal. If she can make it through a time without these gadgets to help her, then, those who are suffering deafness during this generation can succeed too, and even do greater things than she ever had.


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Who is Helen Keller?

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Image Credit: simplehomeschool.net

Image Credit: simplehomeschool.net

For those of you wondering why this blog is dedicated to a certain woman named Helen Keller, I will make it easy for you to understand by giving you these facts. Read through them and see why this woman is worthy of honor and tribute.

  • Helen Keller was the first individual who was deafblind to finish college. She graduated at Radcliffe in 1904. It wasn’t until over 50 years after the fact that Perkins Robert Smithdas become the second individual who was deafblind to graduate from college.
  • Helen Keller was an establishing individual of the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, the country’s first office to give administrations to grown-ups who are visually impaired.
  • In 1902, Helen Keller turned into the first deafblind individual to write a book. Her collection of memoirs, The Story of My Life, was the first of 14 books she wrote in her lifetime.
  • In 1918, United States instructors embraced braille as the teaching tool for blind and deaf students. All thanks to Keller’s hard work. She was an extremely smooth and powerful defender for this exquisite writing style for the deaf and blind.
  • Helen Keller visited on the vaudeville circuit and was exceptionally popular. She conveyed a speech and reacted wittily to queries from the people who came to listen to her. She delighted in feeling their applause through the floorboards of the stage.
  • In 1924, Helen Keller started her deep rooted relationship with American Foundation for the Blind. She worked enthusiastically for the privileges of individuals who are visually impaired, to have full access to training, work, and the obligations of citizenship. She extended her backing to the Lions Club, asking them to wind up “knights for the visually impaired.” Intensely pleased with their relationship with Keller, Lions International has since been battling against visual impairment and deafness, reaching out to all disabled throughout the world.
  • In the 1940s and 1950s, Helen Keller went to 39 nations to induce their legislatures to set up schools for individuals who were visually impaired and hard of hearing. Numerous nations did just what Keller campaigned for, and people all over the world really started to appreciate her until the present.
  • In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson recompensed Keller the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of the most elevated non-military personnel respects, for her eager work on letting the world know of the capacity of individuals with handicaps.
  • Amid and after World War II, Helen Keller went to veterans’ healing centers to convey inspiration to several blinded war veterans.
  • In October 2009, the state of Alabama introduced a statue of Helen Keller in the National Statuary Hall in Congress. She is the first individual with handicap to be so regarded this privilege

These are just some of the many wonderful things that Helen Keller contributed to the lives of the differently-abled people, especially the deaf and the blind. She is a classic inspiration for those who feel like becoming part of a culture that is different from the norm will hinder any form of success.

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